During the Global Pandemic (COVID 19) period, the first of the International Virtual Conference on Museum (IVCoM 2020) was successfully organized on December 12-15, 2020 in cooperation with ICOM NC – Malaysia, ICOM-NC Turkey, ICOM-NC  Pakistan & Kültürel Mirasın Dostları Derneği-KUMID, Istanbul, Turkey (Friends of Cultural Heritage-FOCUH).

The success of the IVCoM 2020 organization, the synergy, friendship, solidarity, volunteering and exchange information on museums, museology, protection of the cultural heritage etc. created during the activity,  encouraged partners to organize the new one virtual conference in 2021.

The second International Virtual Conference On Museum (IVCoM 2021) organized by ICOM-NC Pakistan and  Kültürel Mirasın Dostları Derneği-KUMID, Istanbul, Turkey (Friends of Cultural Heritage-FOCUH) to celebrate the International Museum Day, 2021 (IMD 2021) with the collaboration of ICOM-NCs, CSOs and universities from 32 countries…

At IVCoM 2021, we plan to discuss and exchange information with our valuable speakers from all over the world, about museums, museology, protection of the cultural heritage, new concepts and new approaches.

Videos of the sessions will be published on ICOM-NC Pakistan’ and KUMID’s YouTube and web pages.

IVCoM 2021 will start with the Inauguration Ceremony on May 19, 2021. First Part of the Session (PART 1) will be organized on 19-22 May 2021, 14-17 June 2021, 6-9 July 2021 and 27-30 July, in 2021.

We continue to plan the new sessions of the PART 2 – IVCoM 2021.

With this website, we plan to share our notes, videos, and memories about IVCoM 2020 and IVCoM 2021, and to exchange information with you. We look forward to your contributions to achieve better. Maybe we will create a new synergy with you in the future. Who knows?

Thank you for being with us.